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Heating Controls

Heating Controls to Suit your Home

Heating controls can help you to match your heating and hot water schedules to the working and life patterns in your house. Heating controls installed by Clondalkin Gas can help you optimise energy usage in your home.
Programmable Timers can split your home heating into water and space heating so each can be seperatively controlled to suit your living patterns. Supplied and installed by Clondalkin Gas, Dublin, Ireland

Programmable Timers

Clondalkin Gas can split you home heating into two zones - one for space heating and the other for your water heating. This means that you will be able turn on your domestic hot water heating without being forced to have your space heating turned on and vice versa. Additional zones can used in larger homes either to split upstairs and downstairs or living areas and bedrooms. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with new heating control installations.

Benefits of Heating Controls:

  • Reduces Heating bills
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas
  • Temperature control in the house improves the comfort levels

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Reduce Energy Usage

Typically homeowners can reduce their energy usage by up to 20% by installing easy to use heating controls in their home and using these controls in an efficient manner.

By installing heating controls within your home, you will be able to efficiently manage and control when you heat your home.

Act now to avail of SEAI Grants

If you are thinking of replacing your boiler there is no better time than now. You can currently avail of an SEAI grant worth €700 euro.

Heating Controls Check List

Check your heating control requirements by answering the questions below. If you answer No to all or most of the questions, you would benefit by installing some heating controls:
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Thermostatic Radiator Controls (TRVs) installed by Clondalkin Gas, Dublin, Ireland

 What you should know about gas boiler servicing, installation and repair

Clondalkin Gas is on the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland for Gas Boiler Servicing, Repair and Boiler Replacement Upgrades throughout Tallaght, Clondalkin, Ballyfermot, Lucan & all surrounding areas of Dublin & Kildare, Ireland
It is a legal requirement to be registered with the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) to install, repair or service a gas boiler. If you are in doubt about any gas installer, then ask to see their picture identification with RGII ID number.

A certificate of conformance should be given to every customer for every job carried out.

If your installer is not RGII registered and does not present a certificate of conformance then, in the event of a boiler incident, your home insurance will not cover the cost of damages. A non-registered gas installer may also face a fine of up to 15000 euro and/or 6 months imprisonment.

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